Fitness Schmitness!

Forget the workout today.  Go grab a donut!

National Donut Day - Dunkin

Hot on the heels of National Running Day, it’s National Donut Day.  🙂

I know it’s late in the day in lots of places, but delicious donuts can be had 24/7 at many locations.  You don’t have to miss out.  There’s still time!!

National Donut Day - Krispy Kreme

Check out your favorite national chain or local shop.  Except if you’re in Connecticut.  Apparently, you can’t have any fun in Connecticut…

I have no incentive to tell you about this other than my desire for everyone to enjoy a delicious free donut.  Many apologies to my Running Blogger friends, but I couldn’t resist.  😉



National Running Day

(Courtesy NationalRunningDay)

If you’ve had anything to do with a blog pertaining to fitness today, you most probably know that it is National Running Day.  You also know that everyone is happily posting the reasons they run, recaps of the runs they did today, and discounts for lots of fun sports-related items.

Meanwhile, over here in BETT-land, I have been busy studying and didn’t so much as glance at my sneakers today.  I’m a one-goal-at-a-time kind of person, and until my end-of-semester tests are over, it is incredibly hard for me to divide my attention between school and sports.

But… This is my 75th post.  There are 75 days until my triathlon.  And, even though I didn’t celebrate it, it is National Running Day.

That’s all got to amount to some kind of serendipitous coincidence, some sign from the fitness gods to encourage me to get back on track and do a little tri training that’s actually worth posting here.

I’ll let you know how it goes.  😉