I like Runner’s World, but I have to admit: sometimes their suggestions are just a bit too healthy and “out there” for a mere mortal like me.  So imagine my surprise when I found something a little more mainstream on their website.  Here are some recommendations for post- run hydration that anyone can really get behind!


If you needed motivation to run, you’re welcome.  😉


Red Socks for Boston

Red Socks for Boston 2

(For some reason, I can’t seem to get this turned right-side-up!  Sorry!!)

Today  I tried out my most recent purchase: red calf compression sleeves to be worn in support of Boston in an upcoming race.

Not sure what I think about compression sleeves in general  – this was only my first run with them – but  couldn’t resist getting in on supporting the cause.  The proceeds from the purchase went to the One Fund.  Can’t help but get behind that!