Fitness Schmitness!

Forget the workout today.  Go grab a donut!

National Donut Day - Dunkin

Hot on the heels of National Running Day, it’s National Donut Day.  🙂

I know it’s late in the day in lots of places, but delicious donuts can be had 24/7 at many locations.  You don’t have to miss out.  There’s still time!!

National Donut Day - Krispy Kreme

Check out your favorite national chain or local shop.  Except if you’re in Connecticut.  Apparently, you can’t have any fun in Connecticut…

I have no incentive to tell you about this other than my desire for everyone to enjoy a delicious free donut.  Many apologies to my Running Blogger friends, but I couldn’t resist.  😉


Save $13 on the 13th

Save $13 on the 13th

Thinking of running in the Rock ‘n’ Roll series of races?

You can save $13 if you register today.

I have no incentive to tell you about this other than sharing a good deal.  Races are expensive!!  I love smaller community-based runs that are a little cheaper, but it is nice to mix it up with a big city/big crowd race every once in a while.  If you’re going to run a race like that, might as well save a little on the sign-up!  🙂