What Do You Do When…

…it is late, you’ve had a long day, you haven’t worked out yet, and you’re planning to be at the gym for a class in approximately 8 hours?

Well, I would like to pack my gym bag and call it a night, but lately I have been seeing situations like this as a perfect excuse to do a brief strength workout.  I keep it short and focused, and try not to get too much cardio going so I can get to sleep, but a quick lift is a great way to finish a long day.  I think a focus on upper body is perfect for someone who is getting a lot of lower body work in during scheduled workouts.  Plus, it leaves me fresh for swim/bike/run training, even if that’s a few short hours away.

I can’t really complain about having to squeeze in a workout when I got to drive home from work today with the windows down and the heat on in the car.  Isn’t that the best?!


Fast Friday Post

A busy Friday meant a quick afternoon workout – a light upper body strength workout designed to give me a break after Thursday’s cycling class and let me prepare for what I hope will be a long-ish run on Saturday morning.  As much as I love swimming and spinning, I’ve got to get some running miles in during this base training!  Wish me luck for tomorrow AM.

Hope your week finished well & that your weekend is off to a great start!


Awesome April

Happy April 1st!  I’m not much for April Fools’ pranks, but I AM one for starting off a new spring month the right way.

Some ways today was awesome:

  • I got to enjoy the (slightly) warmer weather here in my corner of the world today
  • I was able to fit in a super-quick upper body strength workout this evening
  • Icing on the cake = I received some excellent work news today…
  • …and celebrated with Easter candy.  Huh.  Guess that wasn’t quite in keeping with the spirit of a fresh start for spring, but the candy was irresistible and close at hand!  🙂

The plan is to keep the Awesome April momentum going with an early workout tomorrow.  Hope your April is starting off right, too!


Do What You Can

Yesterday was a long day at work.  I got back to my house 17 hours after I had left it in the morning.  I kind of knew that was coming, and that I probably wouldn’t get to the gym last night, so I did a really quick strength workout at home first thing in the morning.  I love to get my workout finished in the AM, but not as much as I love sleeping.  🙂  Needless to say, the workout was shorter than it would have been had I not snoozed my alarm approximately 23 times!  Strength training was a great change from all the cardio I’ve been doing, though, and I was happy to be able to come home and not have to worry about fitting in a workout after such a long day.  Still, if you have any tips for beating the snooze button, let me know!