Maybe Someday

I’ve decided to start keeping track of some of the races I’d like to run.  I may not get to these races any time soon, but they are places I’ll keep in mind for dream running vacations.  A running bucket list, if you will!

In no particular order, and with more to be added in the future, here are the races I’d love to run:

Rome Marathon

(Rome Marathon)

London Marathon

(London Marathon)

Bermuda Marathon

(Bermuda Marathon – yes, please!)

Anchorage AK MM 2013 composite

(Anchorage, Alaska’s Mayor’s Marathon)

And just to change the distance up a bit:

JFK 50 Miler Patch - 50th Anniv.

(JFK 50 Miler)

Are there any races on your bucket list?  Any that you wouldn’t mind a lot of travel time to get to?  Hope you’ll share and give me some new ideas!