Life or Other Plans?

Life Is What Happens To You

(Courtesy John Lennon and Colorfully)

It hasn’t necessarily been other plans, so I guess it has been life that has been keeping me busy these days!  I’m looking forward to catching up on everything from the end of last week and the weekend as soon as I have a chance.  It has been a busy last few days.

Awesome April is coming to a close and May will be here in just a couple of hours!  Time is flying by.  🙂


Red Socks for Boston

Red Socks for Boston 2

(For some reason, I can’t seem to get this turned right-side-up!  Sorry!!)

Today  I tried out my most recent purchase: red calf compression sleeves to be worn in support of Boston in an upcoming race.

Not sure what I think about compression sleeves in general  – this was only my first run with them – but  couldn’t resist getting in on supporting the cause.  The proceeds from the purchase went to the One Fund.  Can’t help but get behind that!


Harvey’s Lake Run – 8.2 Miler

Last Saturday I ran in a fun race in Harvey’s Lake, PA.  It was a very random distance – 8.2 miles – because the course went the whole way around the lake.

Harvey's Lake with Dock

I got to the race with plenty of time to spare since it was a very unfamiliar area for me.  Packet pick-up was a little chaotic, but the volunteers were doing a good job dealing with the crowds.  Luckily for those runners who got there on the later side, there were enough people on hand to pass out t-shirts and bib numbers, there were lots of port-a-johns, and the race officials even held the start for a few minutes to allow everyone to finish registering and get ready to run.  That’s the beauty of running a smaller race, I think!

After a lovely rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner with the local color guard, the race got right underway.

Harvey's Lake - At The Beginning

Once again, I started at the near-back of the pack.  (Must remember to move up a bit at the start…)  I cruised along, listening to my music and enjoying the scenery.  The aid stations were before miles 2, 4, and 6, which was a good way to mentally break up the run.  This clown (yes, an actual clown) was at one of them.

Harvey's Lake - Clown

I know there was a story here.  I just don’t know what it was!  But she was cheering everyone on and giving out high fives, which was great!

At another point I spotted this shirt on a fellow runner and told him how much I liked it.  Enough that I kind-of-creepily took a picture of it.  Oh, well.

Harvey's Lake - Never Gets Easier

“It never gets easier, you just get better.”

I was pretty happy to just run along, focusing on how I felt rather than how on my pace or how I was matching up compared to anyone else.  Between mile 6 and 7, though, I decided that I could definitely finish faster than a few of the people ahead of me.  I passed them one at a time and kept on going, only to have one of them pass me shortly after that.

I ran behind this similarly-paced runner until around mile 7.5, which is when I decided to just go for it.  I don’t often compare my running to anyone else’s but I thought pushing myself to go a little faster would be really beneficial mentally and physically, whether I ended up finishing before the other runner or not.  I surprised myself by hanging on with (what felt like) a much faster pace for the last 1/2-mile plus.  I finished the run quicker than I thought I would – my per mile pace was more than half-a-minute faster than it was for my half-marathon the week before.  Guess pushing myself was worth it!  🙂

To top it all off, there were pancakes for everyone at the end.  It was a nice way to end a great run.

Harvey's Lake - Finish Line Pancakes


What to Write Wednesday

No workout to report on today, as I literally just got back from school/work, so I’ll leave you with this inspiration from Run, Hemingway, Run!

I May Not Be There Yet

(Courtesy HemingwayRun)

Looking forward to a Power Cycle class early Thursday morning.  (A few hours from now I guess!) 🙂

Also looking forward to trying a twist on this delish-looking dessert from Karen at Just Me & My Running Shoes.  Maybe tomorrow night??