Just What I Needed To See

We Can't Control The Direction Of The Wind

(Courtesy RunningSole)

I was looking for some motivation tonight and found this.  I hope that posting it and passing it along will help someone else who’s looking for some inspiration, too!


Getting Close

52 days!

Can’t believe the West Point Triathlon is getting so close.  Where has the time gone?!

On a technical note, I’ve been trying to upgrade the countdown widget in my sidebar from the standard WordPress “Milestone” widget to code from another site using the WordPress “Text” widget.  There’s no option to change from text to HTML within the Text widget, and I keep getting funky results.  Like this:

A title is great, but a countdown would be better!  I’ve looked at the WordPress help site for Text widgets, but it hasn’t been so helpful!  😉  Any suggestions for an easy way to do this or a different website for countdown widgets?