A Bright Idea?


4:57…4:58…4:59…5:00 minutes!


Nope, nothing yet!

“Merely priming the idea of darkness—such as by taking five minutes to describe an experience of literally being in the dark, and recalling how it felt—[is] sufficient to boost creativity.”

Sadly, it’s not helping me come up with an inspired topic for this Wednesday evening post.  My apologies.  Guess I’ll go turn the lights back on.  😉

Happy halfway-through-the-work-week!


Very Cool!


(Courtesy Rijksmuseum)

This is totally unrelated to fitness, but I read about this today and thought it was worth sharing nonetheless.

Several museums, including the Rijksmuseum and the National Gallery of Art, are making their collections available to the public for high-resolution downloads.  In an interview with the New York Times, the director of collections at the Rijksmuseum had this to say:

“We’re a public institution, and so the art and objects we have are, in a way, everyone’s property,” Mr. Dibbits said in an interview. “‘With the Internet, it’s so difficult to control your copyright or use of images that we decided we’d rather people use a very good high-resolution image of the ‘Milkmaid’ from the Rijksmuseum rather than using a very bad reproduction,” he said, referring to that Vermeer painting from around 1660.

The Rijksmuseum’s site is fantastic – you can create your own “Rijksstudio,” save details of works or the art in its entirety, and then order reproductions or download the images for your own use.  The images have already been used for a variety a purposes – from inspiration for a tattoo to phone covers, from t-shirts to a 3D printed-centerpiece!

Check it out for your well-deserved Wednesday night break.  😉