T Minus One

That’s “T” for test.  Tomorrow is the big day!  I’ll be taking that national certification exam I’ve been preparing for.

In some ways, I feel like I’ll never be ready – I could read and study for a month of Sundays and STILL not know as much as I’d like to.  In other ways, I feel well-prepared after putting in a lot of hard work and study time.

Either way, I’m really ready to get this over with!

It’s kind of like training for a race in that respect, except there are no celebratory finish line libations provided by the testing center.  😉  I might celebrate on my own with a nice big Diet Coke!!

Who am I kidding?  Might?  I definitely will.  🙂

Send some positive thoughts my way if you think of it  – and have a happy Saturday!


Back in the Saddle

Life Is Like Riding a Bicycle

(Courtesy Albert Einstein and SkinnyBliss)

I had a great workout this morning at Power Cycle.  After a couple of weeks without spinning, this morning reminded me why my hip flexors are so tired after the class!

As much as I love Power Cycle, I think it’s time to get myself outside on a “real” bike.  The weather has been a convenient excuse up to this point, but it really is time to start getting comfortable on the road.

I have a feeling that without the pounding music and motivational shouts of the spin instructor to keep me going, I’ll have to dig deep and come up with some pep talks for myself.  Or bribe myself with promises of ridiculous amounts of Diet Coke my favorite diet iced tea.  Whatever.  😉

Hope you’re having a good week.  Friday is almost here!


25 Signs You’re Addicted to Diet Coke

Diet Coke vs. Diet Pepsi

Someone who shall remain nameless sent this to me tonight: 25 Signs You’re Addicted to Diet Coke

Intervention much?!

Except numbers 20 through 23 (quitting Diet Coke & being proud of it) really DO apply to me!  And I haven’t had a problem with number 24 (relapse) yet.

OK.  Umm, that might be some denial.  I *may* have had a relapse.

Or two.

But no more than that.  I promise.

Really, I’m usually very good!  I’m trying to train for a triathlon after all!  😉

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m feeling a little thirsty…