Finish Line vs. Starting Line

Most People Think Your Life Changes Forever

(Courtesy DistantRunners)

Liked this and thought it was worth sharing – although I’d argue that getting to both the start and the finish line can be pretty monumental.  🙂


T Minus One

That’s “T” for test.  Tomorrow is the big day!  I’ll be taking that national certification exam I’ve been preparing for.

In some ways, I feel like I’ll never be ready – I could read and study for a month of Sundays and STILL not know as much as I’d like to.  In other ways, I feel well-prepared after putting in a lot of hard work and study time.

Either way, I’m really ready to get this over with!

It’s kind of like training for a race in that respect, except there are no celebratory finish line libations provided by the testing center.  😉  I might celebrate on my own with a nice big Diet Coke!!

Who am I kidding?  Might?  I definitely will.  🙂

Send some positive thoughts my way if you think of it  – and have a happy Saturday!


Too Good To Be True?

Twelve minutes?!

Wouldn’t it be nice if twelve minutes were not only “enough to stay fit” but also enough to improve and meet your fitness goals?!

Sadly, I don’t think four minutes three times a week will get me to the finish line of my first triathlon.  Luckily, I have a great plan and an even better friend to train with.  We start tomorrow!

I don’t have a lot to report on for Fitness Friday this week as it was a hectic time of studying.  (I just may have hit the twelve minute mark… hah!)  But, I do have a reminder for you runners.  Don’t forget to check on registration for the races you’d like to run.  It’s the last day of the month, so prices will be going up tomorrow for many events.  I just signed up for Philly in November.  The registration cost is $10 higher starting tomorrow.

Philly Marathon Registration Confirmation

Yay!  I’m excited to run Philly in the “20th Anniversary” year.  Gotta have something to look forward to when I’m done with this three-sport craziness.  😉

Have a lovely weekend.  Hope your weather and workouts are great!